The Lizzie Bennett Diaries

Hey there fellow grad students. If you haven’t checked out The Lizzie Bennett Diaries on you tube, you should. It’s a pretty hilarious video blog by a grad student pretending to be the modern day Elizabeth Bennett.  


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Everyday Heroes

One thing I love about romance novels, especially in RS, is that the hero is just that – a hero. He puts his life on the line for the woman he loves, he sacrifices everything for her (in the end at least if not in the beginning). Its romantic and over the top and exciting, and it makes for a great story. But in real life, or at least my real life, my life isn’t on the line every day and I don’t need that sort of hero. I need one of the everyday sort, and I think its nice to take note of some of those every day heroic moments.

I have one that happened last weekend, when I was flying back home from being away for the long weekend. I don’t travel well – serious motion sickness – and after an hour stuck in traffic getting home from the airport, I opened the door to not only a CLEAN apartment, but pasta sauce (cooked the way I like it) simmering on the stove. What more could I ask for?

Anyone want to share their “everyday hero” moments??

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50 Shades in Chapters

So I went into Chapters for a bit today, and walked by a huge shelf dedicated to the newly printed versions of 50 Shades. After mentally cringing and going after an actual erotic romance, a guy walks up to the cash beside mine and puts down a copy of 50 Shades and asks the cashier ‘Is this the trashy, popular one?’ I actually had to bite back a laugh, but my head did shake a little. Why, why has THIS book become the one guys are now looking to for what I can only imagine is some form of instruction. Disaster – and many un satisfied/frealed out/insulted women is my predicted result. That, and a helpless feeling from romance readers who just want to put their favourite book in the spotlight and be like ‘this is So much better, I promise, and you can actually USE what you read in here! For the love of god, put 50 Shades back on that shelf!’ *Sigh

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Thesis Metaphore: Stuck in the Middle of the Ocean

I’m sitting in my friend’s kitchen in the hopes that we will motivate each other to work on writing our theses. So far we have succeeded in motivating each other to make tea and check email, facebook, twitter, PHD Comics (btw the movie is out now!!!), and Smart Bitches. As we were just settling in to do work and wondering aloud where in the world we should start, a ‘moment’ happened. Her bf came in and told us: completing a thesis is like rowing a boat across the ocean. For the first while, you can look behind you and see the shore, so you feel you are making progress. After months of work, you can see the other shore and feel motivated to finish the last bit. But right now, you are in the middle of the ocean, with no bearings at all.

I thought the description was apt. Thanks Tom.

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Downton Abbey

So I hvent had much time for reading lately between moving and marking exams and repacking after the return of winter up here, but I have started watching Downton Abbey. I know I’m a bit behind on this show, but it is Amazing, and I can’t help but wish that it was a book. It would be an epic one if it were. Anyone else watch this show? There are quite a few book lists out there for people who like this show, but I tend to trust you guys a bit more in that area. Any suggestions? 

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Feelings of a graduate student

So another grad student in my department just defended successfully (Yay for her) so of course there was a party. At said party I talked with another recent graduate who is now employed (lucky her) (only slightly jealous of these people) and she basically started listing everything she felt in her last few months of school and they were EXACTLY what I am feeling now. It felt so good to know that I’m not alone, that I thought I’d share with you all what I remember of our conversation:

1- feeling anxious/inadequate because you’re dividing your time between job applications and thesis work but not feeling like youre doing either particularly well. Need more hours in the day…or something to make you more productive/motivated with the hours we have.

2- feeling like shit because you don’t feel you have time to excercise or eat properly

3- feeling like you’re in limbo because you don’t know when you’ll defend, or what job (if you’re lucky to get one) you’ll get, or where this job will be, and you’re just like ‘please gods, just give me a sign of where I will be three months from now!’

4- after two years of non-stop lab work, report writing, course work, TA-ing, and general bullshit you come out of it feeling like you’re unqualified for any work but research…and you for sure know you don’t want to do research…sooooo….more school??? AAAHHH!!!

Anyone else feel like this? Any other feelings you’d like to add to this list??

BTW, as of 3 hours ago, I have a job interview!!! :):):) So excited someone thinks I’m qualified for something!!!

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….discovering twitter! @18Amandag Wasn’t sure about it at first but I can follow Ellen so I give it a thumbs up 🙂

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